Posted on Mar 22, 2023
At the Rotary luncheon meeting at the Lincoln Center on March 22nd, Rotarian Bob Meroney will be our speaker.  Bob will discuss Gravity Defying Homes and Architectural Oddities. For an architect it is eventually boring to design cookie-cutter homes. One way to be different is to produce a “gravity-defying” living arrangement. Such homes range from the ever-popular tree house to the visually impossible. Some homes are built on pillars, others are supported from above, some look like they will soon fall down, and other seem to have fallen down.  But architects are also enthralled by other geometric forms, so we will examine a cactus house, a mushroom house, cube resting on a corner house, rotating houses, houses teetering over cliffs, gangster houses, narrow houses, crooked houses, spiral buildings, dancing houses, houses that look like something else (kettle, shoe, basket), and houses that fall from the sky.   
Name: Bob Meroney
Born:  October 4, 1937
Education:  Barely
Occupation:  Unemployed
Health: Indifferent
Rotarian:  Inducted through error in review process 8 August 1990
Married: Eternally