This Wednesday, July 23, Rotarians are in for a dose of agricultural policy, economic observations and political wit, as Dr. Bob Lawrence introduces long-time friend and Kansas State professor of Agricultural Economics, Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh. Having met politician from Alf Landon to George W. Bush, Dr. Flinchbaugh will share numerous recollections of the famous, and the infamous. (For those born after 1930, Alf Landon was Governor of Kansas from 1933 to 1937, and best known for having been defeated in a landslide by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1936 presidential election.)...

Dr. Flinchbaugh holds a BS in Animal Science and a MS in Agricultural Economics from Pennsylvania State University, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural economics from Purdue University. He has authored over 100 publications including an agricultural policy textbook, and is a sought after speaker, known for his wit. He has been teaching at Kansas State University for over 40 years and his Ag Policy class fills up within the first two days of enrollment every year

Dr. Flinchbaugh is active in the development of U.S. agricultural and food policy through service on numerous national task forces, boards of directors, and advisory groups. He served as Chairman of the Commission on 21st Century Production Agriculture authorized in the 1996 FAIR ACT, and has advised politicians of both parties. A web search shows many interviews and comments on the 2012 Agriculture Bill attributed to Dr. Flinchbaugh.

Among numerous awards, Dr. Flinchbaugh received 2014 Agricultural Leadership and Excellence from the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City. He is also co-founder of the Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program (KARL).