This week, during our evening meeting on July 21st, Carol Bennis, Executive Director, spoke about ChildSafe's 35th anniversary and their mission to support children who have experienced trauma. 

During COVID-19, the number of children in need of services increased by 18%. is an initiative recently launched that provides tools for communities and community members in Colorado to help people speak up and protect the children in our community.

Upcoming ChildSafe events:

5K Run/Walk - Sunday, August 29th is the Be A Hero 5K Run/Walk with a kids race

Luncheon coming this September (we need to confirm the date, it is not live on the website yet), our club is thinking of captaining a table (10 people) so email if you want to come and she will captain the table and we will represent our club. We'll update you all on date and information in the coming weeks.