Dennis Kaan introduced Major Stacy Mollet to introduce the Cadet of the Month. Major Mollet is the Executive Officer of the CSU Ram Battalion and is from the Military Intelligence branch of the Army. Unfortunately, the Cadet of the Month, Kayla Johnson, could not attend the meeting, so Major Mollet told us about Kayla. Kayla is from Denver, is a senior at CSU and majoring in Psychology and hopes to enter the Army in the Medical Service Corps. She is the Personnel Officer for the Ram Battalion and is responsible for handling the administrative actions and records of the 165 cadets, a very important and responsible position and the reason that she was nominated for the Cadet of the Month award.

Major Mollet said that Kayla is very grateful and appreciative for the honor and sends her regrets that she could not attend. We hope that she can attend a later meeting to be formally recognized by our club.