Bill Schaffter introduced Major Christiane Makela of the Air Force ROTC Unit to introduce the Cadet of the Month. Bill said that Major Makela was born in Gremany, got her US citizenship in 1993. She is the CSU Air Force ROTC Operations Officer, teaches the sophomore classes and is involved in recruitment.
Major Mekela said that this months Cadet of the Month, Cadet Ascheleigh Downup, is a student at UNC and explained the relationship of the ROTC programs at CSU and UNC...
Major Mekela said that the reasons Aschlelleigh was selected was her academic recore, 3.7 GPA, and her work ethic. Ascheleigh works at the UNC Food Services, is on the Executive Board of her Major, volunteers at her church and t the Weld County Food Bank among other activities.
Ascheleigh told us that she is from the Colorado Springs area, that both of her parents were in the Air Force, that her major is Dietetics with a minor in Spanish. She aspires to be a Public Affairs Officer or Dietitian in the Air Force upon graduation.