How does a former Commissioner of Agriculture and College Dean wind up writing thrillers? We’ll find out Wednesday, April 16, when Kirvin Knox introduces his longtime friend, Dr. Steven Horn, who will talk about his books, what motivated him to write them and the stories behind the books...


Author Steven W. Horn uses his diverse background to create his stories. His first book, “Another Man’s Life” depicts the reality of Vietnam wartime atrocities intertwined with the guilt that still threatens innocent lives more than three decades later. Dr. Horn was decorated during the Vietnam War. His latest book, “The Pumpkin Eater” deals with the eugenics movement in America, reminding us that at one time there were 34 states with eugenics legislation. The fiction weaves a story of dark secrets with the clandestine efforts of those willing to kill to protect the crimes of the past.

Horn was raised in Iowa, then headed west for college, earning his B.S. in wildlife biology (1970), his M.S. in zoology (1974), and his Ph.D. in zoology, all from CSU. His research was in the area of animal damage control, studying the effects of predators on agriculture and the environment. He served as the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture in the early 1990’s, and became the University of Wyoming’s Dean of the College of Agriculture in 1993. He was named CSU’s College of Natural Sciences Outstanding Alumnus in 1998.

Retiring in 2009, Horn is now Professor Emeritus in the Wyoming University Department of Animal Sciences. He is married with three daughters and two grandchildren. He and his wife live in Wyoming.