What is STEM Education?

STEM Education is preparing students with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math that they can use no matter what field of endeavor they pursue. STEM is often combined with the arts to provide a holistic approach to learning.


What are our goals?

Our goals are to partner with the Poudre School District to make them a national example of how to provide outstanding STEM education available to every student in the district.

What we do?

The Rotary clubs of Ft. Collins support highly effective, proven, STEM programs by helping to make them available to students in the Poudre School District by providing funding and volunteers. Some examples are:

  • Providing volunteers for Engineering Days Workshops in PSD elementary schools
  • Providing funding for the Webber Middle school WAVE program that simulates a space shuttle mission.
  • Providing coaches for a Lego robotics team.
  • Providing scholarships to the Preston Summer STEM Institute
  • The four Fort Collins Rotary Clubs have set up a Rotary STEM Education Fund to provide STEM funding.

How you can help or get involved