The “Spirit of Rotary” award is given to newer members who are exceptionally active in Rotary.

This Honoree joined Rotary Club of Fort Collins on March 12, 2014 having been sponsored by Alan Ashbaugh. JOHN TRONE is a graduate of Georgetown University with a B.S. in Marketing and received a Master’s in Industrial Administration at Carnegie Mellon University. He was the Chief Information Officer in a nationwide company called Total Wine and More. He an his wife Julie have 3 sons with twin teenagers still in the home...
Ada Chen, in place of Jung-Hai Chen,presented this year's Spirit Award Winner to Anthony Cisneros. This year’s recipient of the Spirit of Rotary award has a passion for philanthropy and has been involved in a wide range of community activities for years, focusing on helping nonprofit organizations pursue sustainable missions. He currently serves as chair of the board the Northern Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross, and volunteers with Junior Achievement, United Way, FoCo Café, Warriors for Christ, and numerous other faith based and youth organizations…while raising 11 children with his wife, Carmen...

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