The “Rotarian of the Year” award recognizes all-around contribution to our Rotary Club’s success during the current year.

Coming up with one single person for this recognition can be very challenging. This year, once the nomination was made, we quickly came to a consensus around three people who have consistently “leaned in”, always stepping up to lead nearly anything that needed leading, usually as a team.Please join me in honoring the Las Tres Amigas - Judy Boggs, Susie Ewing and Sue Wagner...
This year’s Rotarian of the Year has been a member of this club since 1989. She has served on several committees, with emphasis on programs, membership, finance and The Rotary Foundation. She is a past board member and past president of our club. She served as chair of the first multi-Club fundraiser, “Pigs and Pits,” and has remained a key member of the steering committee of its successor, the Rotary Peach Festival. She is one of those members who is always ready to pitch in and help, no matter the event or occasion...
Previous honorees have been:
2007-2008 Claude Piche
2008-2009 Melanie Chamberlain
2009-2010 Steve Busch
2010-2011 Jan Bertholf
2011-2012 John Roberts
2012-2013 John Matsushima