“The Quiet Rotarian” recognizes a Rotarian who provided exemplary leadership without outward fanfare.


This person became a Rotarian in Laramie in 2009. In Laramie she was very active with their World Community Service Committee and their Duck Race fundraiser.

With Melanie Chamberlain as her sponsor she transferred to Rotary Club of Fort Collins in Sept 2013. She immediately joined our International Projects and Grants Committee as well as Water for the Americas. She has already served as the key author for a Global Grantor Community Development in Guatemala. The complex process required several revisions but she saw it through to completion. She has agreed to serve as Chair of the I P & G committee for Rotary year 2015-16...

The Quiet Rotarian Award will be presented by last year's winner, Jeanne Fangman.

The Quiet Rotarian Award had to have been established with this member in mind. Whenever there is a call for volunteers for a project or special event or any type of help or service, this person is always in the mix – without recognition or fanfare but always reliable as our “Steady Eddie,” serving our community directly and through Rotary. If there is a need, this person is there. On the personal side, he devoted to his family which includes his wife and three now grown children plus their family dogs. This person also has had a week long backpacking trip every summer with family for the past 20 years. He has served as a coach and referee for youth soccer for several years...


Previous Honorees:

2008-2009 Sankaram Mantripragada
2009-2010 Jim Epstein
2010-2011 Kelly Kesler
2011-2012 Jim Harper & Earl Reinkensmeyer
2012-2013 Jeanne Fangman