The RCFC awards Community Grants spread out throughout the year in four (4) categories:  Arts & Sciences, Youth Programs, Education Programs, and Health & Welfare.  Non-profit service organizations may qualify for more than one category but are encouraged to apply in the category that matches their primary mission statement or the primary purpose of their service and/or project. One category will be announced by a press release, applications accepted and reviewed, and awardees selected each quarter.  Following is the general schedule for 2018 and we will post a Press Release – Call for Grant Applications each quarter with application due dates each quarter.
Press Release
Application Due Date
Grant Award
Arts & Sciences
3 January
16 February
Starting 21 March
Youth Programs
2 April
18 May
Starting 20 June
Education Programs
2 July
17 August
Starting 19 September
Health & Welfare
1 October
16 November
Starting 19 December
                          ** Dates are subject to change and will be updated on the website:
Please note that our Community Grants Science category is for non-education programs.  If you are applying for a Grant that is Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math education oriented, please apply for a STEM Education Grant and refer to Fort Collins - STEM Grants  for information. 
If you have any questions, please contact us at