The “Five Avenues of Service” award recognizes exemplary humanitarian service in five areas - Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, Service for Youth, and International Service.


This years awardee came to our club in April of 2005 having been sponsored by Stacy Plemmons. Over that 10 year period he has accomplished an amazing record in all of the 5 areas of service that Rotary recognizes;

Vocational Service:

His classification is listed as International Consultant. Basically he excelled as an engineering manager for Hewlett Packard and Agilent. He has truly employed the skills of his vocation in all the other areas of Rotary service...
This award recognizes individual Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others through Rotary.

Last years winner, Chuck Rutenberg, announced the recipient of this award. This Rotarian has been an active contributor to the Rotary Club of Fort Collins since his induction in 2003. He is a Past President, and you see his handiwork in both the online and print versions of our weekly club bulletin, the Rotogear. You will find him wherever there is a Rotary project, whether it is a Saturday morning cleaning up our 2-mile stretch of highway 14, Merit Badge University, or a water project in Guatemala...


Previous honorees

2000-2001 Donal D. Johnson
2004-2005 Landis L. Boyd
2005-2006 Hermann Meyer
2006-2007 Shelly Godkin
2007-2008 Bill Moellenhoff
2008-2009 Susie Ewing
2009-2010 Bob Lawrence
2010-2011 Bonnie Titley
2011-2012 Myra Monfort
2012-2013 Chuck Rutenberg