Posted by Bob Simmons
Last week our annual Veteran's Day celebration started with the presentation of colors by the CSU Air Force ROTC.  Larry Kunter's inspirational comments were a  tribute to veterans followed by our singing our National Anthem.  
Donna Chapel moderated a panel by asking both prepared and audience questions to a 3-member panel consisting of 2 veterans and one mother of an active duty, deployed service member.  Gorden Thibideau recalled his long and varied career in the Army, it's impact on his life and it's inspiration for continued service to the community after his military retirement.  James Hagerman spoke of his time in the Marines, it's personal benefits and how it inspired him to continue serving after discharge by contributing to various charitable organizations.  Diane Bauer, a private therapist, was kind and brave enough  to share her coping mechanisms and even her fears as a mother of a soldier currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Diane cofacilitates retreats for military moms with Be Safe, Love Mom.
Thanks to all who contributed to a very complete and appropriate Veteran's day marking 100 years since the close of the "War to End All Wars".