Posted on Nov 24, 2021
For our November 24 in-person noon meeting, rather than having a more traditional speaker, Bill West led us into a series of round-table discussions to elicit member feedback on programs and membership.  At each of the tables in the room, one of our past presidents facilitated a discussion, based on a series of questions on a flyer on the table, around some of the possible aspects of the future of our organization. 
Of particular interest were programs that we thought were particularly good in the past and any suggestions for programs or program types for the future.  The questions also elicited any ideas with respect to possible changes/improvements in our meeting organization: in-person vs. virtual; timing; meals or no meals; etc.  Finally, there was an effort to identify any potential new members who might be contacted and invited to see what Rotary is all about. 
All of the ideas and topics discussed will be tabulated and summarized and presented at one of our future meetings.