Last Chance - Purple Pins for Polio is this Sunday.  Please consider signing up!  
         WHEN:   Sunday January 31, 2020  2:00 ā€“ 4:00 PM 
         WHERE:   Online ZOOM Event 
To register, lick on this link before January 27: 
Online Bowling App -  Teams will be assigned to ZOOM Rooms of 12 bowlers each and non-bowlers are welcome to join for the fellowship.   Room Facilitators will assist bowlers with setting up the bowling app and tracking each bowler's scores.  You will need a Smart Phone to run the Bowling App, a Computer/Tablet and Internet Access to participate in the Zoom Room and play with an online Bowling team.   
Rotary Club of Ft Collins Fundraising Goal:  is  > $3,500 Contributions for Polio Plus
          Will generate $10,500  with the Gates Foundation Double Match
Please signup before Jan 27 and join the fun!   Let us know if you have any questions.  
Specific Instructions for using the ā€œ My Bowling 3 Dā€ will be sent to  all the Individual Players who Sign UP. 
District Governor Chris Woodruff will kickoff the event at 2:00 PM  followed by messages from Presidents of the Fort Collins Rotary clubs.  
SPONSORSHIP BANNERS:   Your Color Logo Banner will be continuously displayed in all ZOOM Rooms.   Contribution for Sponsorship Banners is $250.00 - same as prior years.  
SPONSOR a ZOOM Room:   We will use your Company Name as the name of a ZOOM Bowling Room.   Contribution requested for Sponsorship Banner + Company Name on a ZOOM Room is $400.00.   Availability is limited based on the number of rooms needed.
INDIVIDUAL BOWLER REGISTRATION:  $20 Adult, $15.00 under 16
NOTE:  100% of All Sponsorship Contributions go to the Polio Plus fund of The Rotary Foundation. 
       -  100% of your Contribution applies to your Paul Harris Sustaining Account
       -  Your Contribution receives DOUBLE matching funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation