Weekly Program Notes:
April 11 Program: Our Expanding Universe
Last week RCFC member Dan Ward, took on us a tour of the universe.  Dan has a Bachelor of Engineering Science and a PhD in Nuclear Physics and ( lucky for us), a remarkable interest and understanding of our universe.
The "clear sky" (away from our urban lights) was shared with pictures of "nearby" galaxies and other astronomical images. Sourced from the Hubble telescope and other sites, these  colorful images were awe-inspiring and beautiful at the same time.
We struggled with Dan to comprehend the "gargantuan" size of the universe and our (miniscule) place in it.  The importance and character of "dark energy" and "dark matter" was explored.
Finally, Dan discussed the "expanding universe", the "Big Bang" and the possible forces that drive these phenomena.  Although this is the "Golden Age of Astronomy" we were all left with many questions to be answered by future generations.
$4399 in "March Madness" STEM Grants Awarded
Wednesday April 4, Committee Chair Tammie Niemann awarded 6 "March Madness" STEM grants, totaling $4399, that will benefit more than 1000 students!  
Tavelli Elementary Kindergarten teacher Amie Tyler received $1000 to build 50 take-home backpack kits ("homework for Kindergarteners"), 10 in each science, technology, engineering and math, to encourage family involvement in  education.  Her excitement for her job was obvious!
Ann Alfonso, Principal of Bethke Elementary,  accepted our grant for $1000 to purchase Bee Bots and Makey Makey kits. 
Geoffrey Schroeder of Weber Middle School received a $770 grant to purchase 3D tool heads and flexible filaments, allowing an expanded 3D and Online Design program touching 90 upperclassmen  and every 6th grader.
Expanding Your Horizons, a non-profit geared toward exposing PSD middle school girls to STEM careers received a $419 grant to purchase laser equipment to be used by physics, engineering and architecture workshops at their annual conference.  Accepting the award for EYH was Megan, a CSU Grad Student volunteering at EYH.  
Werner Elementary 1st Grade received $500 for an iPad mini and stand to teach STEM and 21st Century skills.  
PSD Global Academy received $710.00 for a hotshot raceway and timer to study aerodynamic principals, efficiency and speed of cars. 
Peter Jurgens: April Cadet of the Month
April Cadet of the Month, Peter Jurgens, was hosted by committee member Jan Bertholf.   A Fort Collins native, Jurgens was introduced by SFC Larry Kelser.  He is an Information System/Computer Science major, and plans to be a Military Intelligence Officer.  
Dist Gov Promotes District Conference
District Governor Bill Emsley reminds Rotarians to sign up for the District Conference, May 3 to 5, in Estes Park.  Details of all events are on the District 5440 website  DG Bill promises interesting speakers and the opportunity to meet other Rotarians.  He also reminded us that Rotary's International Conference will be held this year in Toronto.  Travel time is about equal to Jackson Hole!
Ninja Selling - Connect and Communicate
"We are not victims."  Last week RCFC heard from well-known businessman and author, Larry Kendall.  Larry was introduced by neighbor and friend, Dave Stewart.  Larry is a Rotarian, founding partner of the Group, Inc., professor, and most recently, a best selling author.  On Wednesday, he shared a summary of his sales training system and excerpts from his best-selling book, Ninja Sales.
Larry started by convincing his audience that we are all in sales, whether sales reps, teachers, engineers, GI surgeons or even parents.
He taught us the 3 keys to effective selling- 1. Mind Set, 2. Skill Set and 3. Action.  Mind set requires the seller to transition from "victim" to "player" status.
Skill set is all about connection and solution for the client rather than pressure and sales quota.
Action involves the "Platinum Rule" (Treat others like they would like to be treated).
We learned how this approach requires insight into another's personality and motivations. This was illustrated by using motivational/personality  measures to categorize people  as "power, party, perfectionist or peace" people. Thus, we learned something about ourselves and our "clients (those whom we wish to influence and connect with).
There was something for everyone in this presentation.
Kaitlyn Williams: March Student of the Month
Wednesday March 28, SoM Committee Chair Jack Vogt congratulated our March Student of the Month, Kaitlyn Williams, of the PSD Global Academy.  Kaitlyn was accompanied and introduced by Dinah Unruh, Senior Advisory and Math Teacher, and accompanied by her parents, Tiffany and Cory.  Congratulations Kaitlyn.  
Rotary Club of Fort Collins was chartered August 1, 1918, and this year celebrates 100 Years of Rotary In Fort Collins.  
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President Jeanne announced that Kelso Kelly is assuming the position of RCFC Treasurer, effective immediately.  

Lannie Boyd has moved to be near his children.  President Jeanne Fangman has his address - He loves to receive mail.

C. J. Street is in Centre Rehab, and would also love to receive visitors, or mail.  Lloyd Thomas has his address.

Melanie Chamberlain urged all members to update their directory information for the Centennial edition.  If you want a new photo, contact Lee Jeffrey.  If you want an ad in the new directory, contact Bill West.

Lee Jeffrey urged everyone to turn in old prescriptions on April 28, 10 - 2 at all police department outlets.

Jud Harper announced that the Legacy Fund is going to meet its $1 million goal!  But we don’t want to stop “plugging” and we hope to raise another $100K by August 1 to continue the legacy of our club.

Sally Lee reminded members to purchase and use your King Sooper's grocery card. 

Paul Birdsall asked for volunteers to man a table at this year's District Conference, May 3-5 in Estes Park, promoting next year's District Conference in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Sally Lee will be presenting a series on Women is Science.  Her first program was on a female mathematician.

Jud Harper reported that the Legacy Fund is doing well, but still needs our support.  The more we accumulate, the more earned interest will support our community programs in perpetuity.  We will report the total on August 1, our centennial.  Donate whatever works for you—cash, stocks, etc.
Marty Bachman reminded all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Judy Boggs, or President Jeanne.
Lee Jeffrey read to 1st graders and had a ball.  More volunteers are needed.  Contact Lee or Rob Marschke

President Jeanne urged members to engage Rotary through RCFC Committees.  The Rotogear, Membership, New Member Orientation, and Welcome Desk all need volunteers.  
John "Deep Thots" Roberts sends greetings from the Viking Sun.  He hopes all are following his blog
Melanie Chamberlain appealed to members to look for any historical materials they might have squirreled away at home and bring them to her or Bonnie for use in creating Centennial Year displays.
Garth McCann changed the coffee klatch at Whole Foods Porch to Thursday, 8:30 AM.

Save the Date: Lynne Baker, one of three co-chairs of the Centennial Committee, reports that much is being planned for our Centennial Year.  Culmination will be a dinner on August 1, 2018, at in the Stadium Club in the new CSU stadium.  
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May 02, 2018
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District Conference - Estes Park
May 03, 2018 – May 05, 2018
Encore Careers, Katie Piotrowski
May 09, 2018
Rotary International Convention - Toronto, Canada
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
Centennial Celebration Dinner at CSU Stadium
Aug 01, 2018
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