Weekly Program Notes:
March 7, 2018 Program: The Challenges of Life Passages

Last Wednesday RCFC heard from two professionals in the field of elder care, Mimi Wahlfeldt, Marketing Director at Good Samaritan and Alan Heileman, Sales Advisor for Mackenzie Place. They were a dynamic duo, taking turns explaining their well illustrated program.  They pointed out how most people plan their lives up to and including retirement and then stop planning. The daunting task of sorting out what kinds of care might be needed and the costs of various kinds of care are too often left until a crisis arises. The range of services available vary from some extra help at home to full time nursing care.  They advised club members to know the difference between independent living, assisted living and nursing home care. They also advised us to explore some of the options available locally by visiting  potential sites in order  to experience the feeling they convey. Our speakers  included an account of the advantages of aging  at home and what might be done to assist with daily living. Everyone in the audience was charged to understand that they are either responsible for caring for parents, caring for themselves, or working with children to care for themselves. The resources and information available should be explored before a crisis occurs.

R/U Scholarship: Lexie Miller
Rural Urban Chair Amy Brackenbury awarded this year's Rural Urban Scholarship to Lexie Miller, who will study Agriculture Science and Ag Business at CSU next fall.   Lexie thanked the committee and RCFC for their generous support.  
Master Agriculturalist:  George Seidel
The RCFC Master Agriculturist for 2018 was awarded to George Seidel, farmer and CSU Agriculture professor for 47 years.  As a professor, his primary research was in plant physiology.  As a farmer, all of his land is covered with conservation easements to assure agriculture in perpetuity.
Service to Agriculture Award - the FFA Foundation
Rural Urban Committee Chair Amy ("Does it All") Brackenbury named the FFA (Future Farmers of American) Foundation, as the the Service to Agriculture awardee for 2018.  Accepting the award for the FFA Foundation was Don Sorensen, CEO, who noted the good works supported by the Foundation.  
Liviya Harmon: February Student of the Month
Committee Chair Jack Vogt introduced Joe Gawronski, Polaris Experiential Learning School Principal, who in turn introduced Liviya Harmon as RCFC Student of the Month.  Liviya thanked Rotarians for the honor, and plans to pursue elementary school teaching in college.   Besides the certificate of accomplishment, Chair Jack Vogt awarded Harmon a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobel.
Celebrating our Food: Rural Urban Day 2018


Our Rural Urban Speaker, CSU Ag Sciences Professor Dr. James Pritchett started off with the vision for the College of Agricultural Sciences:  Unquestioned global preeminence in Agri-Tech and Agri-Biome focusing on safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems to enhance the well being of humans, plants and animals.  He then compared various agricultural metrics between the 1890s and 2016 for Colorado.  Examples were:  farm size was 134 acres in the 1890s and averages 938 acres today; there were 250,000 bushels of corn produced in Colorado in the 1890s and 160 million bushels produced today.  He pointed out that Colorado is a “corn deficit” state as we use more than we produce.
Dr. Pritchett showed us pictures of how the sizes of farm animals has changed (they are bigger) over the centuries.  He says this is partly due to genetics and improved feeding habits.  He pointed out that yields per acre have increased due to hybridization, especially for corn but that wheat yields about the same as historically, as their has been no hybridization for wheat.
How we harvest has changed from many laborers being involved in the various production and harvest activities to the use of a combine today.  This piece of farm equipment is named this because it ‘combined’ various previous aspects of harvesting farm crops.  He explained how technology has improved pruning practices to produce sweeter peaches, for instance.  We are also better at irrigating our crops……just the right amount at just the right time.

The 6 drivers of most of these changes were noted:  population growth, evolving preferences of consumers, more demanding food industry, pivotal technology, Ag policy and a changing climate which is causing us to plant 2 weeks earlier than we have historically.

Rotary Club of Fort Collins was chartered August 1, 1918, and this year celebrates 100 Years of Rotary In Fort Collins.  
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Announcements Editor: Bonnie Titley
A beautiful 4’ x 14’ Centennial Year Celebration Banner was unveiled. All four local clubs are listed.
The International Keyboard Odyssiad & Festival Summer Piano Competition was announced by the organizer.  The festival will be held July 31-August 4, 2018 at Colorado State University.
Ray Chamberlain, husband of Melanie is home from the hospital.
Sally Lee said she would be presenting a series on Women is Science.  Her focus today was a female mathematician.
Last chance to sign up for Rotary After Hours social on March 21.  Please register at  
Jud Harper reported that the Legacy Fund is doing well, but still needs our support.  The more we accumulate, the more earned interest will support our community programs in perpetuity.  We will report the total on August 1, our centennial.  Donate whatever works for you—cash, stocks, etc.
Marty Bachman reminded all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Judy Boggs, or President Jeanne.
Satellite Member Lucinda Kerchensteiner asked us to announce a Rotary International Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Warmbaths, District 9400, South Africa.  Talk about a golf junket!  Ask Lucinda for details.  
Lee Jeffrey read to 1st graders and had a ball.  More volunteers are needed.  Contact Lee or Rob Marschke

President Jeanne urged members to engage Rotary through RCFC Committees.  The Rotogear, Membership, New Member Orientation, and Welcome Desk all need volunteers.  
John "Deep Thots" Roberts sends greetings from the Viking Sun.  He hopes all are following his blog
Don Eversoll encouraged us to get “good feelings in our soul” by volunteering as a driver at the hospital.  They need volunteers.  See Don.
Melanie Chamberlain appealed to members to look for any historical materials they might have squirreled away at home and bring them to her or Bonnie for use in creating Centennial Year displays.
Garth McCann changed the coffee klatch at Whole Foods Porch to Thursday, 8:30 AM.

Save the Date: Lynne Baker, one of three co-chairs of the Centennial Committee, reports that much is being planned for our Centennial Year.  Culmination will be a dinner on August 1, 2018, at in the Stadium Club in the new CSU stadium.  
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Apr 11, 2018
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