Weekly Program Notes:
January 31st Program: 1st Annual Talent Day and Trivia

Last Wednesday, President Jeanne Fangman organized RCFC's 1st Annual Talent Day!  Displays included blues guitar by straight-laced-banker Kelso Kelly, flute by Judy Lane, paintings by Amy Brackenbury and Susan Stewart, water color art by Taylor Hall, photo art by Chuck Rutenberg and and Don Eversoll, a collection of photos of wood cut echings by Bob Meroney, knitting by Jeanne Fangman, and a Rotary Shelter Box by David Addor, a visitor from Denver.  Forgive us if we missed anyone.  Ralph Smith presented his photography, calendars and notes cards, but like the cobbler's children, the photographer forgot to take his own photo...

Then Bonnie Titley lightened up the proceedings through some Rotary Trivia and word puzzles.  All in all, a great day of Rotary Fellowship and talent display.  President Jeanne promises more programs like this during our Centennial year.

Centennial Notes:
What do Teddy Roosevelt and RCFC have in common?  Parks!  RCFC has been a driving force in our community, helping establish at least 4 parks in and around Fort Collins.  
Most are aware of the Children's Garden at the Gardens at Spring Creek, and the Martinez Farm at Martinez Park.  But were you also aware of Rotary's involvement in Inspiration Playground at Spring Creek Park?  
Centennial Trivia: Where is our first effort, Rotary Park, located?  Question 2: What were the dues, when RCFC was first chartered?  (Answer elsewhere in this bulletin.)
Scholarship Winners Visit RCFC
Scholarships Chair Susan Gutowsky introduced two of last year's RCFC Scholarship winners now attending CSU.  Rachel Holland and Sahand Setareh thanked RCFC for our generous support, and shared a few stories from their college experience.  Rachel is majoring in Health Sciences, and walked on to the CSU Swim and Diving Team, quickly becoming one of the top divers and recently being awarded a 50% scholarship.  She is the only freshman on the team to achieve a 4.0 GPA this past fall.  Susan thanked RCFC Members for supporting scholarships.  
Eleanor Glenn, Student of the Month, January
Committee Chair Jack Vogt and Fort Collins High School Guidance Counselor Brent Fedor, introduced your January Student of the Month, Eleanor Glenn.  Eleanor is president of the FCHS Interact Club and be a Junior Counselor at YRYLA this summer.  This fall she will attend Cornell University, majoring in mechanical engineering (specializing in aerospace engineering) with a minor in computer science, and will run for Cornell's Cross Country team.  Eleanor commented that she will be applying her artistic interests to design.  The future looks very bright! 
Food Bank Receives $3000 RCFC Community Grant
RCFC Community Grants Co-Chairs Kathy Nicol and Rob Marschke presented a $3000 check to the Food Bank for Larimer County, enabling replacement of five major Community Kitchen implements.   Accepting the grant for the Food Bank were Sharlene Johnson, Grants Manager, and Heather Buoniconti, Chief Development Officer.  The Food Bank delivers 180,000 meals and snacks each year through 20 Kids Cafe locations, benefiting over 1,600 food-insecure Fort Collins children.
RCFC Wins Bell Ringing - Again!
Wednesday, January 24, Salvation Army Captain Isais Braga presented the Christmas Bell Ringing trophy to RCFC for their work collecting more than $1650 in donations.  RCFC has won the trophy 4 years running!  Accepting for the club was Martin Nelson, this year's campaign chair, who in turn recognized all who spent a Saturday ringing bells at King Soopers and Walmart.
Program January 24th, 2018 Opioid Epidemic Threatens Colorado
Dr. Bernard Birnbaum, MD, Associate Director of the PVH family Medicine Residency Program in Fort Collins for over 10 years, gave us an interesting review of the sad situation involving opioids and their impact on our local community.  For starters, across the country, 60,000 people died last year from opioid overdose.  Forty people annually die from opioid overdose in Larimer County.  The Department of Public Health tracks this disturbing data.  Dr. Birnbaum says that treatment with replacement opioids is very effective and is being used more and more by the medical community in an attempt to reverse this situation.  This tragedy is not restricted to any race, culture or age group.
The opioid drug comes from the opium plant and was used in the late 1800’s to calm "hysterical" women.  The primary opioids in use today are morphine, codeine and thebaine, among others.  Two synthetic versions of the drug are methadone and tramadol which are used extensively in pain management treatment.  There was an exponential rise in opioid use in the 1990’s due to increased prescribing by medical professionals related to pain management.  It is thought that this increase was due to a strategic push by pharmaceutical companies to deliver increasing profits to their shareholders.
The addiction that develops from overuse becomes a disease of the brain.  It is thought that sometimes this affliction develops due to adverse childhood experiences.  Access to treatment immediately is paramount and the drug Narcone is one of the most effective reversal agents.  Opioid overdose is the #1 cause of accidental death in Larimer County.  It is thought that improving communication between health care providers would go a long ways towards decreasing the level of inappropriate overprescribing.  Locally, law enforcement is working with the health department in an effort to assist with reducing instances of overuse.
Rotary Club of Fort Collins was chartered August 1, 1918, and this year celebrates 100 Years of Rotary In Fort Collins.  
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The Rotary Investment Fellowship will meet immediately after the regular Rotary meeting on Wednesday, February 21.  Topics: “How to Invest in an Overpriced World” and “The Colorado PERA Funding Crisis.”  Everyone is welcome to attend. 
Jud Harper reported that the Legacy Fund is doing well, but still needs our support.  The more we accumulate, the more earned interest will support our community programs in perpetuity.  We will report the total on August 1, our centennial.  Donate whatever works for you—cash, stocks, etc.
Marty Bachman reminded all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Judy Boggs, or President Jeanne.
Martin Nelson said the Fellowship Committee is thinking about arranging a weekend tour to the big computer center in Cheyenne.  He asked for a preliminary show of hands.
Kelso Kelly announced the Board Finance Committee is working to eliminate the “funky” kinks in recent invoices.  “We will clear it up.”
Answer:  $92.42 (which pushed the available funds of the club!)
The Board of Directors regular monthly meeting next Thursday, Feb. 22, from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Markley Motor’s boardroom.  All are invited.

Harry Mueller reminded everyone that TIPS training was needed to serve alcohol at the Peach Festival and that sessions would be announced in upcoming months.  Then he told everyone three things he learned when he had a heart attack:  a) do not wait around; b) call 911, don’t try to get to the ER on your own; and c). Not all ERs are equal concerning equipment to treat heart attacks.
Satellite Member Lucinda Kerchensteiner asked us to announce a Rotary International Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Warmbaths, District 9400, South Africa.  Talk about a golf junket!  Ask Lucinda for details.  
Lee Jeffrey read to 1st graders and had a ball.  More volunteers are needed.  Contact Lee or Rob Marschke

Phyllis Abt urged participation in Rotary After Hours on March 21.  Join the planning committee by contacting Phyllis.  

Henry Weisser has OSHER catalogs to give away.
President Jeanne urged members to engage Rotary through RCFC Committees.  The Rotogear, Membership, New Member Orientation, and Welcome Desk all need volunteers.  
John "Deep Thots" Roberts sends greetings from the Viking Sun.  He hopes all are following his blog
Don Eversoll encouraged us to get “good feelings in our soul” by volunteering as a driver at the hospital.  They need volunteers.  See Don.
Melanie Chamberlain appealed to members to look for any historical materials they might have squirreled away at home and bring them to her or Bonnie for use in creating Centennial Year displays.
Garth McCann changed the coffee klatch at Whole Foods Porch to Thursday, 8:30 AM.

Ralph Smith has produced a calendar of local photos.  He will contribute $5 of the total price of $14 to the club.
Save the Date: Lynne Baker, one of three co-chairs of the Centennial Committee, reports that much is being planned for our Centennial Year.  Culmination will be a dinner on August 1, 2018, at in the Stadium Club in the new CSU stadium.  
Upcoming Events
Rural/Urban Day:Drivers of Change, James Pritchett
Feb 28, 2018
Senior Care, and Home Care - Wahlfeldt & Heilman
Mar 07, 2018
CASA and Harmony House - Annette Hoyt & Kalyn Law
Mar 14, 2018
Mar 21, 2018
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